The purpose of (CLD) is to empower people, individually and collectively, to make positive change in their lives and communities through learning.



The Moray CLD Strategic Partnership was reformed in 2018 and has created a CLD Plan for 2018 – 2021.  This new plan focuses on reinvigorating the strategic group, their terms of reference and partnership working, plus 5 themed improvement areas developed with local people:  

·People – improving learning opportunities across communities

·Place – making the most of assets and opportunities in communities

·Prospects  ensuring the CLD workforce is skilled, with access to opportunities and accreditation, and succession planning is embedded

·Publicity  improving understanding of CLD through better publicity, networking and information sharing

·Strategic – ensuring robust scrutiny and accountability through transparent reporting processes









Individuals who work either in a paid or volunteer role, supporting learning and development in our communities, either as part of a group or organisation, are part of the CLD workforce, though they may not automatically identify as such. This section is about helping you continue to develop your skills and aspirations.  We have provided links and encourage you to get in contact with ideas and suggestions so that learning opportunities offered meets needs.




I came to be involved with DofE having seen a poster in the local community centre and meeting a DofE Development worker who explained the aims of the scheme to me. I had no previous experience or knowledge of the DofE award, as this had not been available at my school or in community.


I came from a military career background that had left me with a lot of unresolved issues. That was quite a dark time in my life when I had very few positive influences to keep me from feeling depressed. Being a keen hill walker who enjoyed the outdoor environment and coupled with my camp/bush craft experience, I was introduced to teaching participants at various stages of their awards.


It was extremely satisfying to work with the young people and I was encouraged to become a Supervisor. As I have gained experience over the years of working with and assessing groups, I have enjoyed volunteering with Moray DofE more and more.


Keeping busy with volunteering has kept me happy. Even when I ran 14 expeditions in one season, although exhausted by the end, the sense of being part of providing positive experiences for so many young people was very satisfying. So far every group that I have helped prepare for their expeditions have passed at Qualifying, so something must be sticking. Watching one of my most resent Gold Award groups give their presentation to a gathering of parents and DofE workers made me proud of their hard work and efforts and makes all the admin and faff worthwhile.

This year I gained my Mountain Leadership Award which will enable me to lead groups towards greater adventures. It is true to say that my involvement over the years has meant a great deal to the quality of my life. Volunteering for the DofE came along in my life at just the right time to lift me from a downward trend. Giving young people the opportunity to get out into the hills and natural environment is still something that I find very fulfilling. The Journey continues.