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The world of governance is evolving fast.  Organisations in all sectors are being forced to radically re-think how they are run and managed as a result of financial constraints or competition in the marketplace. 


The tsiMORAY Future Governance Forum provides members with an informative platform to share ideas, learning and inspiration on how to run the organisations of the future.

Upcoming Events

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Previous tsiMORAY Future Governance Forum Events 


SEPT 2019

Leading from the Future

Guided by expert facilitator Robin Alfred, this event enabled participants to explore what the true nature of the future is, where new ideas come from, and the nature of innovation, insight and intuition. Participants looked at the personal practices and outer conditions that can help support them to lead from the future, ultimately enabling third-sector organisations to be more innovative


JUNE 2019

Time For Change - Exploring Future Governance Opportunities in MORAY

This session was co-facilitated by Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) and tsiMORAY.  It explored where governance is strong in Moray, and where there are opportunities for improvement. 


A creative approach was taken, making use of tools developed by GEN - who have experience in creating substainable communities. 


APRIL 2019

Evolving Local Governance - Learning about cities from natural systems

City Evolutionist and author, Marilyn Hamilton, introduced us to the idea of the four 'voices' of community (citizens, third sector, local government and private sector). 


This forum explored taking a 'whole system' approach to our cities, towns and communities, with potential to learn surprising ways to solve old and new challenges.

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