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Join the Dots: Communities Leading Change

30 March 2023 I 10am (registration from 9.30am) - 4pm I Elgin Town Hall


Local communities are leading the change to help shape an economy that works for people, places and planet, and Moray is no exception.


With focus and urgency, communities are showing that it is possible to take practical action, to continue to shift to new ways of doing things, and ensuring, that along that way, it is truly, a just transition.


As Moray’s Local Action Group develops a new vision for community led local development, the time is also right, for communities to come together to shape this vision and how it is rolled out in Moray.

During the day, we will exploring in our discussions how community led local development can accelerate the move to a Wellbeing Economy through a just transition.


Inform and inspire a Community Led Vision for Moray. 

Join the Dots is delivered by tsiMORAY and sponsored by Moray Local Action Group.


Feedback from Past Events

"Cormack was an excellent presenter, the platform worked really well, loved the booths too."

"Keynote speaker was fantastic and really liked the concept of 'keynote listeners'"

"My first time with Hopin - worked very well- especially liked the market place"

Past Join the Dots

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