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Join the Dots: Communities Leading Change


Each year, tsiMORAY's annual networking conference, Join the Dots, brings together those of us working in the third sector,  community leaders and volunteers, public sector colleagues, social enterprises, funders and changemakers.  The day aims to cultivate and strengthen local connections. 


It's also an opportunity to explore new ways of thinking and working together, and take the time too, to celebrate the joy, inspiration and resilience of our sector and our communities. 


This year, we were back in person with a packed programme, a diverse panel of keynote speakers, live graphic facilitation, a photography exhibition of community stories, and a facilitated session using the Global EcoVillage Design cards. 

Watch our highlights video and find out more below.

Join the Dots 2023 - credit Alexander Williamson0818.JPG

"I played a role in linking two organisations working with similar aims and made a new connection where I can see an area of synergy in the future."

"Topics that are on my mind (local democracy) are also on the minds of others.  Which gives one some courage..."

"...Feel more energised knowing that there is a whole movement around the wellbeing economy and that an infrastructure could be put in place for all politicians to work to, no matter what their politics.

So, I will continue to make changes.

Join the Dots 2023 - credit Alexander Williamson4333.JPG
Join the Dots 2023 - credit Alexander Williamson4355.JPG

"I felt I needed to know more about possibilities relative to a wellbeing economy, to see what we, who are not specifically working in that field, can contribute to community action. The day was thought provoking, it was good to hear the perspectives of others in Moray who view the topic from different angles. Yes, a learning experience."


A day of deepening knowledge and sharing best practice


This year's keynote speakers included:



Creating the conditions for connection, collaboration and change


Our theme, 'Communities Leading Change' was a chance to deepen our learning around key concepts and how community led local development could accelerate the move to a Wellbeing Economy. We also took this opportunity to report back to this year's sponsor of the event - the Moray Local Action Group - as they shape their new community vision for Moray.

Check out this blog by keynote speaker and Moray Local Action Group member,  Viktoria Eriksson.

At the end of this year's Join the Dots, we can see there's still a lot of work to do. So, we look forward to next year and to days ahead as we, together, create the conditions for connection, collaboration and change. 

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