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Just Transition Participatory Budgeting Fund


The Just Transition Fund is a £500 million ten-year commitment from The Scottish Government that will support projects in the North East and Moray which contribute towards the region’s transition to net zero.


The Fund was announced in recognition of the particular need to diversify the regional economy away from carbon-intensive industries and to capitalise on the opportunities, including jobs and prosperity, that the transition to net zero will bring.

The Just Transition Participatory Budgeting Fund votes have been cast and counted - and we are delighted to announce that the groups to be offered Just Transition PB funding for their projects, as voted for by the people of Moray, are as listed below:


Assistance 1st Elgin Scouts

Electric Lawnmower



Elgin & District Men’s Shed

Tools Upgrade



Elgin Street Pastors

Safezone Vehicle



Forres Area Community Trust

An Enterprising Community Venue



Friends of Biblical Garden

A Greener Friendly Environmental Garden



Moray School Bank

Electric Transport



Moray Waste Busters

New Van



Outfit Moray

Bike Revolution (Delivery)




Inclusion of Person with Disabilities




Renewal of Company Vehicle



Transition Town Forres

Forres Community Composting



Wild Things!

Wild Things Minibus



Zero Carbon Moray

Energy Fairs Across Moray



Total available for distribution



Balance yet to be allocated



Congratulations to all of the above, and heartfelt commiserations to all the individuals and groups whose very worthwhile projects will not be offered funding on this occasion. 

Full details on the results can be viewed below

JTPB Voting Results Only (2).pdf.png
JTF Logo 1 TSiMoray.jpg


This guidance is intended to support groups and organisations interested in applying for grant funding from the Scottish Government’s Just Transition Fund 2022/23 through the Participatory Budgeting (PB) process managed by tsiMORAY and Money for Moray. The PB Fund is part of a £500 million Just Transitions Capital Fund, to be distributed over a period of ten years, to support Scotland’s north-east economy in its just transition to ‘net zero’ – i.e. to an economy that does not rely on climate-changing, carbon-rich fossil fuels like oil and gas. In this first year £20 million is available and £1 million of this fund will be allocated through a participatory budgeting (PB) process. In Moray £333,333 will be available to community groups to deliver capital projects working towards a just transition to net zero. Groups can apply for up to £50,000 for their just transition project. These projects will then be put to the public to vote where voters will decide which projects they believe will offer the greatest contribution towards a just transition to a carbon neutral Moray. The closing date for applications is 5.00pm on Monday 14 November 2022 The application form is available at the bottom of this page.

Aims of the PB Fund

Our aims for the programme include: • Channelling support and resources to local people in our local communities to help them realise their potential to lead, and to benefit from, a Just Transition to a carbon neutral, sustainable and regenerative future, paying particular attention to including the most disadvantaged, the ‘easy to ignore’, and the ‘seldom heard’ people in our communities • Supporting the development of community capacity and confidence to initiate and lead projects, and to present bids and proposals for investment, not only through this PB programme, but also through other funding and investment schemes, including the main Just Transition Fund • Promoting PB as a tried and tested, and yet continuously evolving approach to engaging people in decision-making, participative democracy and public life, including community led local development • Further demonstrating the value of PB approaches both in general terms and specifically within the context of a Just Transition, so that investment will continue to flow into community-led Just Transition activity during the remainder of the Just Transition Fund and beyond • Delivering the programme in an efficient and effective manner, ensuring all the money is allocated and spent in line with the aims of the Just Transition programme and the features of fair and high-quality PB, as set out in the PB Charter for Scotland and highlighted below • Learning from others and from the process, as well as sharing our learning with others by conducting robust research and evaluation throughout in order to strengthen our collective knowledge and skills around PB processes.

Who can apply

The fund is open to applications by constituted community organisations, which are the main target for this fund. The fund is also open to appropriately constituted social enterprises and other voluntary and third sector organisations set up on a non-profit-distributing basis . Un-constituted groups and groups without a bank account can apply if their application is supported by an appropriately constituted group who is willing to take responsibility for the management of the project, the project funds, and any assets acquired through the project. Any group or organisation can only apply for one project through this fund. Taking responsibility for an un-constituted group will not bar an organisation from applying for funding for their own project. An organisation will only be able to take responsibility for one project run by another group.

What can the money be used for?

• The Just Transition Fund is for capital funding: that is, for the purchase of tangible assets. The main focus of the PB part of the programme in 2022/23 is the purchase of equipment. • Funding awarded to successful projects must be spent by 31 March 2023.

PB priorities

• Funding proposals will address at least one of the seven relevant priorities for PB set out by the National PB Strategic Group in the Framework for the Future of Participatory Budgeting as adapted and summarised below by the Moray Just Transition PB steering group: Relevant PB Priorities 3: Addressing inequalities:the project addresses and/or responds to the exclusion of marginalised groups 7: Climate justice: the project addresses cross-cutting issue of climate justice with a focus on a Just Transition and opportunities for community participation in tackling climate change 10: Sustainable transport:the project supports sustainable transport options that reduce inequalities while contributing to efforts to mitigate the climate crisis 11: Health & social care:the project supports community health & wellbeing and/or supports the participation of people in the development of community health & wellbeing 12: PB across education:the project is led by and/or supports the participation of young people and/or the wider education community 15: Engaging in housing:the project is led by and/or supports the participation of tenants and/or the wider community in the development and/or improvement of areas managed by housing providers 16: PB and homelessness:the project addresses and/or responds to challenges faced by the homeless and/or supports the participation of people with lived experience of homelessness

How to apply

Applications should be submitted using the online form available on tsiMORAY’s website below and supported by the required documentation (governing documents, annual accounts, agreement by third-party organisation to act as guarantor) as applicable. Incomplete application forms can be saved and accessed again later for applicants wishing to spread the process over more than one session. Please see the ‘what information we need’ section, below, for details about the information and documents you will be asked to provide. Support may be available from tsiMORAY and Money for Moray for groups unable to complete the online form. Please contact us at the email addresses below for further information.

How and when will decisions be made

Funding will be distributed through a participatory grant making process (also known as Participatory Budgeting or PB). Participatory budgeting is a democratic process in which citizens decide directly how to spend part of a public budget. Members of the public will be invited to vote on which projects to allocate grants to at an in-person event (‘marketplace’), which applicants will be expected to attend, and through an online voting link which will be open from 6m on Wednesday 30 November 2022 until 5pm on Friday 16 December 2022. Online voting can also be accessed by contacting a member of Money for Moray Team who have tablets to assist with the voting process. If required a paper copy of the voting paper may be obtained by contacting either tsiMORAY or Money for Moray at the addresses below.

What information we need

Applications should set out how projects will benefit the people of Moray (this can be a specific group, e.g. young people in a specific place) as well as how the project will help a Just Transition of Moray’s economy and/or communities. The application form will ask for the following information and documents: • Organisation Name • Organisation address • Organisation postcode • Are you formally constituted? Yes/No • Organisation Group Type / Legal structure (check box list) • Charity and/or Ltd Company number (if applicable) • How did you hear about the Fund • Project Contacts o Main contact o Full Name o Role in organisation o Address o Postcode o Phone Number o Email •Second contact o Full Name o Role in organisation o Address o Postcode o Phone Number o Email • A brief description of your group/organisation. (Maximum 100 words) • Bank details o Name of Bank or Building Society o Organisation: Bank Account Name (exactly as shown on the bank statement) o Organisation: Bank Account Sort Code (six numbers long with no ‘–‘ between them) o Organisation: Bank Account Number (normally eight numbers long) • About your project proposal • Project Name o Describe your project (maximum 200 words) o Please describe what change/difference this will make? (Maximum 200 words) o Please describe who would benefit and how? (Maximum 200 words) o How will you know? (Maximum 200 words) o If Applicable: Please describe how the items to be purchased will be managed and maintained. If there is an upkeep cost associated with the items, where will the funds be sourced from? o If Applicable: If your organisation is no longer able to manage the items that are to be purchased, what will happen to them? o Please provide a project timeline, including start and end date. Please note all funding must be spent by 31 March 2023. • Which of the relevant Participatory Budgeting Priorities will your project address? (picklist) • For each of the Participatory Budgeting Priorities that you have ticked above, please describe how your project will address them. • Which of the relevant Just Transition outcomes will your project address? (picklist) • For each of the Just Transition outcomes that you have ticked above, please describe how your project will address them. • Please provide a summary of your project. (A minimum of 30 words and a maximum of 50) • Financial Breakdown of project o What is the total cost of the project o What is the total amount of the grant you are applying for? o How much is your organisation contributing of its own funds to the overall cost of the project? If the answer is £0, please state this. o If you have any grants/funding/income from another source that will contribute to this project, please provide details here. If there are none, please type 'Not Applicable'. o A detailed breakdown of expenditure • Are the necessary permissions and consents in place? (YES/NO) o If NO, please explain why. • Certification that the information provided is accurate (declaration/tickbox) • What else might you need for your project? This could be access to advice, equipment, transport, venues or things that money can’t buy. • Declarations – that in submitting your application you confirm that (all tickboxes) o You have read and understood the guidance provided by tsiMORAY on its website, and it has been considered whilst preparing this grant application. o You have read and understood the tsiMORAY privacy notice: see below o tsiMORAY can hold the data you have provided and share it with partners and stakeholders, including Money for Moray, Scottish Government and other TSI's, as necessary to manage and evaluate the grants process. o Your project is intended to benefit Moray's people and/or communities. o You are authorised to submit this application on behalf of your group or organisation. o You have permission from any other person whose data you are including in your application o You declare that all information provided within this grant application form is, to the best of your knowledge, factual and correct on the day it was completed. • Your own details, which will act as your signature prior to submitting your application on behalf of your organisation o Full name o Position in organisation o The date on which you are submitting your application. • Un-constituted groups must link in with a constituted group/ organisation willing to act as guarantor for the project. Contact details of a guarantor must be provided to enable us to contact them and confirm their organisation’s willingness to be responsible for the appropriate use of the funds (if you are a constituted group, please ignore this section and submit your application). o First Name, Surname o Organisation o Phone Number o Email address Supporting documents files which you will be asked to upload include: • A copy of your governing document. If you are an un-constituted group, the constitution or governing document of the organisation that will hold the funds must be uploaded • A copy of your most recent annual accounts and bank statement here. If you are an un-constituted group, the accounts and bank statement must be from the organisation that will hold the funds. • Any additional documents that are required. For example this might include a partnership agreement if one is required.

Support and further information

The funding is intended to benefit the people and communities of Moray. The assumption is that most applications will come from established constituted community groups and organisations, including social enterprises, set up on a non-profit-distributing basis. However, applications from non-constituted groups will be considered if supported by an eligible constituted group or organisation willing to be responsible for the management and use of the funds.

All applicants are strongly encouraged to contact us through: or to discuss their project before applying.


Applications should be completed and submitted online by the closing date of 5.00pm on Monday 14 November 2022.


Useful documents:

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