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**Applications Now Closed**

The Moray Local Action Fund 2023-2024 is an opportunity to secure funding for projects benefiting the people of Moray.


The fund is supported by a Scottish Government grant for community led local development in Moray and is being distributed by the Moray Local Action Group with support from tsiMORAY.

The fund is intended to enable community led activity focusing on our main aim of supporting a just transition to a wellbeing economy working for people, places and planet.

All projects must demonstrate that they advance inclusion, equality and diversity while meeting at least one of the criteria listed below:

  • Climate - addressing the climate and environmental emergencies.

  • Sustainability - enabling a just transition to a carbon-neutral and sustainable future.

  • Wellbeing - supporting the development of a wellbeing economy[1].

  • Community - facilitating community development[2] and capacity-building[3].

  • Leadership - investing in community leadership and community led local development[4].

  • Wealth building - supporting and building on the concept of community wealth building[5].


We are particularly interested in funding projects that will help to address some of the root causes of poverty and a move to a sustainable, carbon-neutral future, and/or helping to reduce pressures on public services through prevention, community capacity-building, and increased community resilience.

We also welcome projects directly addressing all aspects of poverty (rural poverty, fuel poverty, child poverty and other impacts of the cost of living crisis) and supporting health and wellbeing.


Proposals can be submitted through either of two funding streams:

  • Main Grants Scheme - for projects applying for £5,000 or more from the Moray Local Action Fund – please note that only in exceptional circumstances will applications for more than £30,000 be considered.

  • Small Grants Scheme - for projects applying for less than £5,000 from the Moray Local Action Fund.


Funding can be used to support revenue and/or capital expenditure. For examples of projects that were supported by Moray Local Action Fund in 2022-23, click hereThe full guidance document can be downloaded here



Key Dates

Applications Open: Applications will open on Thursday 3 August 2023.


Applications Close: The deadline for completed funding applications is 12:00pm (noon) on Tuesday 29 August 2023.


Decisions: Proposals will be assessed by our members and decisions will be communicated to applicants by Friday 22 September 2023.


Funding Distributed: Funds will be distributed to successful projects in October 2023.


Funding Spent: Successful applicants must be able to spend their award and complete their projects by 31 March 2024. They will also be required to provide a full report along with evidence of spend (receipts) by 14 April 2024.

Applicants are encouraged to discuss their ideas with a member of our staff team by contacting / 01343 541713 before applying. The team can advise on project eligibility as well as providing support through the application process. 


Eligibility: who can apply?

The funding is intended to benefit the people and communities of Moray. The assumption is that most applications will come from established community groups, charities and other organisations, including social enterprises, set up on a non-profit-distributing basis. However, applications from other categories (including individuals, businesses and other types of organisation) will also be considered if they are deemed by the Moray Local Action Group to benefit the wider community. If you are unsure whether you are eligible to apply, please contact the staff team at / 01343 541713.

Criteria: what can the money be used for?

Funding can be used to support revenue or capital expenditure, or a combination of both. Total funds available for distribution to successful projects are anticipated to be in the region of £120,000 for revenue costs and £150,000 for capital costs.

Applications: how do I apply?

Applications open on Thursday 3 August. Applications should be submitted by the application deadline of 12:00pm (noon) on Tuesday 29 August 2023, using the online form at This should be supported by the required documentation, for example a project plan if applicable. Incomplete application forms can be saved and accessed again later for applicants wishing to spread the process over more than one session.


[1] A Wellbeing Economy is an economy designed to serve people and planet, not the other way around. In a Wellbeing Economy, the rules, norms and incentives are set up to deliver quality of life and flourishing for all people, in harmony with our environment, by default. Source:

[2] Community development is a process where people come together to take action on what's important to them. Source:

[3] Community capacity building is the support that community groups access to help them address issues which are important to them. Source:

[4] Community led local development (CLLD) gives local communities the power to tackle their own, local challenges. By building knowledge and skills, supporting new ideas and encouraging cooperation, CLLD helps to create viable and resilient communities. Source:

[5] Community Wealth Building is designed to harness the economic leverage of local ‘anchor’ organisations (such as local councils, health, universities, colleges, housing associations, or large local private sector employers) to tackle long standing systematic challenges and structural inequalities within our communities. Source:

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