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COVID19 – Update – Community Response

Updated: May 3, 2021

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the people of Moray are reaching out to help. tsiMORAY has put together some practical information and links to help volunteers, groups and/or organisations respond in the best and safest way they can. The situation with COVID-19 changes daily and it’s likely to continue for several months. We know that some volunteering programmes will be suspended or will change, and some new community initiatives will begin. We will continually update our communications when there is a clear need for help and a need for volunteers and we will prioritise the recruitment, support and promotion of volunteer roles related to the COVID-19 response as this develops.

For Volunteers and Organisations Currently, limiting the spread of the coronavirus is the main priority. Ask yourself, are you well enough to volunteer? Always follow the latest advice and guidance from the NHS which can be found here. For the latest information and guidance on volunteering safely please follow the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations’ and Volunteer Scotland’s guidance.

SCVO Covid-19 Resources SCVO Covid-19 Support Volunteer Scotland - Advice for Volunteers For taking care of your wellbeing see the guidance from Mind here. For guidance for people in non-health care settings, including first responders, please refer to the latest advice on Health Protection Scotland which can be found here. For guidance in a community care setting see government guidance here. For risk management and resilience planning see further guidance from the Government here and Zurich here Helping in your Community Please get in touch with our locality led Community Development Officers:

Check out Covid Mutual Aid 19 a network of local groups seeking to support vulnerable people in local communities to see what is happening in your area. You can also contact your Community Councils. Moray Community Council Volunteer Edinburgh has produced a postcard to reach out safely to your neighbour. Neighbour Postcard If you want to highlight concerns about a vulnerable adult, you can contact the Access Care Team at Moray Council here. Organisations who wish to recruit Volunteers in response to COVID-19

Please help us by telling us how you are needing or engaging volunteers. For organisations who already engage volunteers, please tell us any changes to your services that may have an impact.  We can help you connect with others where relevant and let others know what is happening. Contact us here.

Those who wish to volunteer in response to COVID-19

The need to help will increase over the coming weeks and months. Your help may not be needed immediately, but this could change. You can register your interest to volunteer or browse volunteering opportunities here.

If you are volunteering just now, please be aware that your role may change and please consider what new roles may become available.

Funding An additional £350 million will go to those most affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Read more here.

£50m for a wellbeing fund to provide support to third sector and others to deal with the societal challenges.£40m supporting communities fund to be established to underpin the inspiring work underway in our communities.£20m third sector resilience fund to be established.£25m will be kept in reserve to allow swift and flexible responses to rapidly changing circumstances.

Speak to your funders about the impact of cancelling or delaying project activities which are part of funding agreements. The Association of Charitable Funders have encouraged funders to contact their grantees and discuss how they can best support them. Corra Foundation will continue to support grantees. The National Lottery Community Fund will continue funds to support people, communities and organisations. Esmée Fairbairn is offering flexibility with payments and reporting dates and is offering grants plus support. Contacting tsiMORAY Email: Facebook: Twitter: Web:

Newsletter: Please ensure you are subscribed to the tsiMORAY newsletter to receive updates as they are issued, including updates on how we adapt our ways of working to continue to support and connect you, Moray’s great change-makers. You can subscribe here.

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