Help Incredible Edibles raise £500

Incredible Edibles, Forres is a group of local volunteers who grow vegetables, herbs and flowers organically and encourage wildlife biodiversity on the site of a disused church on the High Street of Forres.

They need to raise £500 for this year's costs by 31st January 2020 so any donations no matter how small would contribute to their fourth year of growing for the community.

Their aims are multiple - to grow food for the community (albeit on a small scale) using organic methods in order to:

- show it can be done and how

- encourage people to sample vegetables, herbs, edible 'weeds' they may not have tried before

-educate through signage, talking and doing, in organic growing methods, composting, soil health, healthy eating etc

- promote community solidarity through offering people healthy food, answering questions from the passing public and offering people the opportunity to work alongside us or get involved with us using their own expertise.

- keep the site attractive and litter-free

Their site is a highly visible one on the High Street of Forres and so is perfectly placed to be seen, used or just appreciated by the public.

They are intent on keeping costs low so they can keep their focus on growing and education rather than fund-raising but they do have the unavoidable costs of insurance for the site, the purchase of seeds and tools and the fuel costs of transport of eg manure to the site.

They are a Constituted Group and you can make a donation by visiting their Justgiving page.

If you are interested in supporting them with practical support you can go along on a Sunday morning between 11.30 - 12.30 or contact Julie Adam on 07522 590054.

30/32 High Street Elgin

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Call us:  01343 541713

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