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Important information on getting to your vaccination appointment safely

The COVID-19 vaccination programme has begun across Moray. In the coming months, you will get a letter, phone call, email, or text inviting you for a vaccine appointment. When you do it's incredibly important to keep yourself safe and those around you when you do go for your appointment. The guidance from NHS Grampian (in accordance with the guidelines from the Scottish Government) is to:

  • Arrive as close to your appointment as possible and bring your appointment letter

  • COVID-19 vaccine appointments are considered essential travel so you can car share with a friend or relative. Please remember to do so safely. Wear a face mask, wash your hands before and after, keep your distance and keep the car windows open. You can also use public transport.

If you want to find out about public transport go to: The Traveline Scotland website on or call them on 08712002233. You can check the latest Stagecoach timetables at

If you are struggling to work out how to get to your appointment you can call THInC on 01467 536111 or email for advice.

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