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Just Transition Participatory Budgeting Fund: the results!

The Just Transition Participatory Budgeting Fund votes have been cast and counted - and we are delighted to announce that the groups to be offered Just Transition PB funding for their projects, as voted for by the people of Moray, are as listed below:

Assistance 1st Elgin Scouts

Electric Lawnmower


Elgin & District Men’s Shed

Tools Upgrade


Elgin Street Pastors

Safezone Vehicle


Forres Area Community Trust

An Enterprising Community Venue


Friends of Biblical Garden

A Greener Friendly Environmental Garden


Moray School Bank

Electric Transport


Moray Waste Busters

New Van


Outfit Moray

Bike Revolution (Delivery)



Inclusion of Person with Disabilities



Renewal of Company Vehicle


Transition Town Forres

Forres Community Composting


Wild Things!

Wild Things Minibus


Zero Carbon Moray

Energy Fairs Across Moray


Total available for distribution


Balance yet to be allocated


Congratulations to all of the above, and heartfelt commiserations to all the individuals and groups whose very worthwhile projects will not be offered funding on this occasion.

Every project attracted in excess of 430 votes, with 3,459 people overall taking part in voting.

Money for Moray and tsiMORAY are very grateful for the efforts of every person and group who applied, and everyone who voted, as well as all those who took part in shaping the process, as this is a brilliant result for people in Moray and for the development of participatory democracy. Thank you!

We hope every individual and group taking part can feel proud that their project and ideas have received support, whether or not they receive an award offer on this occasion.

We also hope we can continue to work together to develop connections made, to the benefit of the development of their project idea, of their group, of their local community, and of the people of Moray.

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