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Moray Funders’ Forum Launched to Strengthen Local Community

Updated: May 3, 2021

A group of Moray’s independent funders have come together to form the new Moray Funders’ Forum with the aim of making sure that available resources are getting to the right places.

With 14 grant-making funds represented, Moray Funders’ Forum members hope this new platform will improve the impact of local grant-giving. The forum will aim to ensure the right organisations gain access to resources and meet the changing needs within the Moray community.

Moray Funders’ Forum facilitator Edward Fitsell, pictured, hopes the forum will support the ongoing development of stronger communities in Moray.

At their latest meeting this week, the forum invited representatives from the community to discuss the impact of pandemic-related restrictions on the mental health and wellbeing of people in Moray. Moray Well Being Hub and Elgin Youth Café told the forum that many people, and especially young people, are struggling to cope with the pressures created by the pandemic restrictions. Problems highlighted to the group included accessing vital services, the cost of staying connected digitally, and maintaining a sense of hope for the future.

In addition to information sharing and hearing from community practitioners, members will also seek to use the forum to encourage greater investment in Moray by national funding bodies.

The forum was catalysed by the desire to build on funders’ pooled knowledge and coordinate future Covid-19 response funding. It was established by a partnership between Adam Family Foundation, The Gordon & Ena Baxter Foundation and tsiMORAY.

Member Kay Jackson from The Gordon & Ena Baxter Foundation says: “After only five meetings we are already seeing the value of the Moray Funders’ Forum. Regular input from local community practitioners is helping members to understand current funding needs in Moray as we continue to live with the effects of the pandemic.”

“Crucially, it is building closer working relationships between grant-making bodies which is proving invaluable in supporting Moray’s local communities at this challenging time” says Jackson.

Forum facilitator, Edward Fitsell from tsiMORAY, says the platform was needed to help Moray grant-givers learn from each other, network and collaborate where possible. “The aim is to support the ongoing development of stronger communities in Moray by ensuring well-managed groups and organisations receive the support and resources they require” says Fitsell.

If you represent an organisation that distributes funding in the Moray area and would like to join the forum, please contact Edward Fitsell at tsiMORAY,

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