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Moray Local Action Fund Allocation Update 2022-23

The fund has now awarded a total of £165,563 to community groups

and organisations across Moray, for a range of projects addressing

rural poverty, projects building on a carbon neutral Moray, and

projects moving forward after the pandemic to a just and green

renewal of Moray’s local economy.

We were delighted and encouraged by the strong interest shown in

the fund. We thank all of you, both successful and unsuccessful

applicants, for all your hard work and efforts in applying.

Please continue to check our website for further funding that may become


If you would like to find out more about a project that has received

funding or how you may get involved, please contact us at

Burghead Free Church

Youth Burghead


Community Energy Moray

Energising Moray Communities


Elgin and District Men’s Shed

Charge Our Batteries


Earthtime For All

Nature Connect


Findhorn Bay Arts Ltd.

Mini Market Shop & Hub


Findhorn Village Centre & Hostel

Lobster Pot Air Source Heat Pump


Findochty Town Hall

Emergency Generator


Forres Area Community Trust

The Cameron Project


Keith & Strathisla Regeneration Partnership

Keith & Strathisla Resilience Project


Keith Country Show

Keith Show Lighting


Longmore Community Hall

Longmore Energy Saving


Outside the Box

Coastal Warm Spaces



Keith Community Power Hub



Supporting Solutions Donation Project & Streamlined Recycling


Shopmobility Moray Limited

Save Shopmobility Moray!


The Three Kings Cullen Association

Cullen Community Centre Net Zero


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