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Moray Reach Out Thrift Shop: Sustainable Style and Empowering Lives

Moray Reach Out is a remarkable organisation dedicated to helping adults with disabilities find purpose and pride in their lives. Among its initiatives, the MRO Thrift Shop shines as a beacon of sustainability, making a real impact on both the environment and the individuals it serves. During my visit, I had the privilege of meeting some incredible people who make it all happen. In a world dominated by fast fashion – the rapid production and disposal of clothing – the MRO Thrift Shop champions sustainable living. Prices are set to ensure items find new homes quickly, reducing waste and the environmental toll of the fashion industry. Whether you're searching for vintage treasures or budget-friendly finds, shopping here promotes a sense of responsibility toward our planet. I sat down for a chat with Christina, the team leader, who found her dream job at MRO after starting as a volunteer in 2020. Her lifelong love for thrifting, began during summers spent at her grandmother's, attending auctions and setting up a jumble sale in the garden, makes her the perfect person for the job. Louise, a dedicated trainee, was hard at work in the sorting room during my visit. Remarkably, she started ten years ago in the recycling depot but found her true calling in the thrift shop. Her enthusiasm for the work was obvious. The shop regularly collaborates with another social enterprise Moray Waste Busters, exchanging clothes for electrical items in need of repair. Unsold items also find new life with charity Blythswood, supporting those in need (with an international reach too) and who also operate a shop Buckie. Donations of hand-knitted baby items are given to a local church for distribution in baby boxes. Additionally, MRO operates an eBay shop, expanding its reach and impact. What sets the MRO Thrift Shop apart is the sense of community and friendliness that is obvious to visitors, staff, trainees, and volunteers. It's a place where individuals come together to make a difference for the planet and for themselves. Moray Reach Out Thrift Shop is more than just a place to find bargains; it's a hub of sustainable style, community spirit, and positive environmental impact.

With each visit, you are helping a movement that empowers individuals and supports a healthier planet. I'm inspired by the incredible work they're doing and the positive outcomes they're achieving for both the community and the environment.

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