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New Sensory Awareness e-learning

NESS has launched an online training course for people to improve their understanding of the challenges faced by those with hearing and visual impairments.

North East Sensory Services (NESS) developed the digital tool after face-to-face training courses were made impossible by Covid restrictions.

The virtual training– which takes around six hours to complete – is aimed at anyone working in health and social care, or in a customer-facing role which may involve dealing with blind and deaf people.

NESS, which supports thousands of people with sensory impairments across the north east, has encouraged professionals across the region to complete the training. The training itself involves online group conversations, quizzes and video content. It aims to provide an overview of the practical and emotional difficulties caused by sight and hearing loss, and encourages participants to think about how they can make their work and communication more accessible.

Costs for those working for Moray Health and Social Care Partnership are covered by the HSC, and for anyone else a fee of just £40 applies. Once more pandemic restrictions are lifted, the online courses will be complemented by face-to-face training. Libby Hillhouse, training and information officer with North East Sensory Services, said: “Face-to-face training is a major part of what we do, but clearly that’s been made impossible over the last year." “Now this online approach enables people to boost their own understanding of sensory impairments wherever they are, and at a time which suits them."

“Blind and deaf people encounter practical and emotional challenges every single day of their lives."

“But by coming into contact with more people who have skills in dealing with these issues, this increases the independence of someone with hearing or visual impairments and makes a huge difference to their life - and that is the key focus of the work we do."

“These courses won’t just help thousands of blind and deaf people across the northeast, they will provide others with key skills which they can take forward and use for the rest of their lives.” To find out more and book a place, visit our website:

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