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Participate in the North Careers and Jobs Fair

Wednesday 19 May 2021 | 10am - 3pm

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) in partnership with Highlands and Island Enterprise (HIE) are planning to pilot a virtual career fair for the Highlands and Islands.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to reshape recruitment processes, many are increasingly turning to digital hiring solutions. As remote interviews and remote jobs become commonplace, more job applicants are seeking new ways to connect with potential employers. Virtual career fairs are an easy and convenient way for employers and job seekers to connect, especially during the pandemic.

The concept of the pilot is to bring together a range of employers with current or planned vacancies alongside partners who can support individuals looking for work. We hope to have a wide variety of organisations exhibiting on the day alongside a wide variety of different roles to suit various skill, experience and educational backgrounds.

The event itself will be live and completely free to attend.

The event can include Employer and Partner Booths with the capacity for live chat with potential job seekers, live and pre-recorded workshops, and panel discussions. The zones within the Fair can be set out to match peoples normal travel to work to allow attendees to easily navigate to the area they are looking to work in.

To plan and deliver a successful event we need the support of partners to engage Employers and Jobseekers to participate.

If you would like to support this event you can be allocated a Booth free of charge, where you can provide information to individuals about the support you can offer them. This can include a short introductory video, links to your webpage, live chat, video content, and uploaded documents and leaflets.

If you are interested in supporting either as an employer or a partner, please send contact details by 21/04/2021 to

We will follow this up with more information. If you could indicate in your response if you would like to take part as an employer, partner, or both.

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