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Portgordon Coronavirus Support Group - A Neighbourly Response

The Coronavirus has affected lives worldwide, bringing unimaginable loss. As the lockdown continues things that may have been once simple are now proving to be a great challenge. Many have taken it upon themselves to establish groups which provide support to the most vulnerable in the community. One such group is the Portgordon Coronavirus Support Group, whose members bring a host of different skills.

Scott Sliter, and others have managed to identify gaps in care and are engaging with volunteers to deliver food - all with a view to creating a care package for anyone who may be in need. Other notable mentions are Julie in Reid Terrace who knitted small blankets for elderly neighbours - the group say its a way to provide some comfort missed from attending groups. Johanna in Gordon Street has taken the opportunity to distantly guide new gardeners to "grow their own" which is not only good for their mental health, but adds a sense of purpose and self-sufficiency in this shaky time.

If you need assistance in Portgordon please contact the group by email -

Please visit our COVID-19 database, where you'll find over sixty listed services responding to the pandemic.

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