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tsiMORAY and HIE unveil new Social Enterprise Strategy for Moray

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

tsiMORAY and HIE have co-produced a new five-year social enterprise strategy for Moray that sets out shared objectives and actions informed by members of the Moray Social Enterprise Network, social enterprise support and public sector partners through a series of workshops and consultations.

Launching two weeks ago at the MSEN network meeting, the strategy will ensure social enterprises continue to grow and thrive in the region.

It will provide a development framework for social enterprises operating in Moray and a reference point for anyone interested in championing and developing the region’s social economy.

Concentrated on three areas, the strategy will focus on stimulating social enterprises, developing stronger organisations, and realising market opportunities.

tsiMORAY and HIE were really pleased to launch the new Moray Social Enterprise Strategy 2021-26. Fiona Robb, Head of Strengthening Communities in HIE’s Moray Team said: "The commitment and input to the plan from the public, private and social enterprises sectors is very encouraging and ensures a partnership approach to the delivery of the Action Plan 2021-2023."

Action plans have been created for each priority and are included in the strategy.

Download or view the Moray Social Enterprise Strategy below.

Moray Social Enterprise Strategy 2021
Download PDF • 1.92MB

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