We’re More Together Than We Think

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Pollyanna is a Career Ready intern that has been working with tsiMORAY for the past 4 weeks. She's written a short blog reflecting on her experience...

When I found out where I was going for my Career Ready placement I had no idea what tsiMORAY was or did. The majority of other Career Ready students got their placements in places I already knew -- such as Walkers Shortbread, Johnstons of Elgin and even at Moray Council. I wasn’t sure if I should be excited or not about my internship as I didn’t know what it was I’d be doing there and what sort of things I’d get up to.

From the 24th June to the 19th July I worked at tsiMORAY for my Career Ready internship. The Career Ready programme is set to prepare young people for the world of work. They deliver a programme of mentoring, masterclasses, internships and workplace visits for 16-19-year olds across the UK.

It wasn’t long before I realised I was lucky to get placed at tsiMORAY. In this work environment, I was able to support the community and that is something that I enjoy doing…and something I have done in my previous and current volunteering.

My role was “Project Support Assistant”. This consisted of me assisting anyone in any way I could, whether that be to help file documents, organise volunteer follow-ups via email or phone, database work , photography or attend meetings to give my opinion on different matters.

All my colleagues were lovely to work with, they are all such friendly people who can make a boring office light up in seconds. It was a real pleasure to work with them and slowly get to know them, I know for a fact I won’t be forgetting my time there any time soon.

Pollyanna and the tsimORAY team

As a young person, my opinions and thoughts were valued as it gave a wider perspective on community problems that need solving. I was tasked to do a bit of research for what LGBTQ+ support there was for young people in Moray. After searching, the only thing I could find on the subject was a blog post made three years ago talking about how there is a lack of LGBTQ+ support in Moray for young people under the age of 18. It looked like nothing had happened or so I thought. During my placement, I was invited to a meeting and found that the Elgin Youth Development Group have funding to start a support group in August 2019. I was overjoyed to discover this and am now happy that I get to be involved in it.

In the short time, I spent at tsiMoray with a little bit of research and attending a few meetings/forums I was able to see how many opportunities Moray has and what amazing things are taking place in our community.

Before I started I thought that Moray, as a community, was very spread out and everyone kept to themselves in their own separate communities.

I soon learned that when it comes to community, we are actually more together than apart.

We'd like to say a special thank you to Pollyanna for working so hard during her time here and bringing a fresh perspective to our discussions and projects.


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